Why copyright

It’s at the heart of what we do.

As creative and media businesses, we invest in innovation and creativity through different forms of intellectual property. Take a moment to consider that the investment of creative genius, skill, time and money and the heart to innovate and change to reach European audiences would have been unthinkable without a stable and sufficiently flexible EU Legal Framework to license in this highly competitive market.
Commercial and contractual freedom, anchored on a solid legal infrastructure of European intellectual property law, gave and gives our sectors the means to create media history – and to keep creating it for future generations.

Copyright is at the heart of what we do

  • Copyright as a fundamental right of property rewards risk and responsibility for a sustainable cultural creation and innovation
  • Copyright and contractual freedom attract investment in innovation and creativity for a growing multimillion EU business and employment
  • Copyright and editorial responsibility work hand in hand to promote free expression in a democratic society based on the rule of law.

Copyright finances the academic database allowing digital discovery previous generations of scientists could only dream of. It enables the media platforms, newspapers, and magazines that consistently trigger important societal debate without sacrificing journalistic integrity to clicks. Copyright attracts the investment in the books, the music, the films, the games and the apps that make Europeans dream.