“What I know is how to make music, but that is not enough. To reach the public, music needs to be known; it needs to be available to buy and it needs to be available to be talked about.”
— David Guetta, French DJ and artist

“Cinema is not only an industry, but a major art, and a medium of values, ideas and refreshing points of view on the world.”
— Olivier Courson, CEO of Studiocanal

“The web is the most brilliant invention of our time. But we must not allow it in its unruly adolescent years to destroy the media that are the very essence of civilised society.”
— Francisco Pinto Balsemão, Chairman of the European Publishers' Council, Chairman & CEO, Impresa, Portugal

“Speed of news has its place, but clarity and quality journalism will never go out of fashion.”
— Alessandro Pellizzari, deputy editor-in-chief of Starbene magazine on well-being and health

“Our job is to make sure that our customers can watch what they want, when they want, where they want. The rapid growth of broadband connected devices means that there are now more ways than ever to do so.”
— Jeremy Darroch, CEO BskyB (March 2012)

“A publisher is a midwife, a therapist, a manager, a businessman, someone who executes orders, a strict father, who takes care of the quality of the book and helps put it on the market, but above all, a publisher is a faithful friend.”
— Jerzy Illg, Polish writer, essayist and editor


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